Winning is “everything”

season_11_sundance_billyCongratulations to The Voice Season 11 winner Sundance Head and first runner-up Billy Gilman!

Working with them through the Blind Auditions was a privilege – bettered only by the thrill of watching them grow, shine and succeed.

True singers bring everything they have, and everything they are, to their music. Thank you, Sundance and Billy, for everything.



Fantastic Four

image1Congratulations to Season 11’s extraordinary top 12!

Special shoutouts to:
Team Miley’s Darby Walker,
Team Alicia’s Sa’Rayah,
Team Blake’s Sundance Head, and
Team Adam’s Billy Gilman.

It was a joy, a thrill and my pleasure coaching you Fantastic Four through
The Blind Auditions.

You continue to Kill It!
Bravo! 👏




Music from the heart

Peter_Alisan_winsWhen Alisan Porter was announced the Season 10 winner of The Voice, Christina became the first female coach to share the season’s success!

It was my absolute pleasure being your coach through The Blind Auditions, Alisan.

I can’t wait to hear the music you have yet in heart’s store to share with the world!

The halls are alive

PETER_CSULAI’m honored to have joined the faculty of California State University Los Angeles as a lecturer in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance during this current Winter Quarter. It’s a privilege to introduce, for the first time in the school’s history, the course “Coaching for Pop and Commercial Singers.”

Cal State LA’s motto is “Vox Veritas Vita” — Latin for “Voice Truth Life.” I can’t think of three more fitting words to live by.

A country mile

EmilyPeterCongratulations to Season 9’s winner, the amazing Jordan Smith, and outstanding runner-up: Emily Ann Roberts.

Emily, working with you and coaching you through the Blind Auditions was a defining moment for you as an artist and I’m honored to have been a part of that for you.  I look forward now to seeing you writing more country/bluegrass music because that is truly You, and who you are.

Bring it! You’ve just run a country mile, and beautifully. How far you go is in your heart, your art and your truly exceptional voice.


Cue the music

MadiShelbyZach2Madi Davis, Shelby Brown and Zach Seabaugh.

You made it to the Final 9 of Season 9!

How amazing! Working with all 3 of you through The Blind Auditions was a special time of growth, and watching you reach new levels of openness was inspiring.

Congratulations on coming this far. This is not goodbye. I can’t wait to hear more from all of you.

Well done!

A Winning Season

I’ll never forget when Pharrell, after a 4-chair turn at The Blind Auditions, said:
“I would love to have you on my team, but I’m so proud to be a part of this show, because even if you don’t end up on my team, I get to watch this amazing thing happen.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Pharrell.

Coaching Sawyer through Season 8’s Blind Auditions was exciting, and brought me joy. I always looked forward to our sessions, with him and his beautiful mom Kirsten.

Sawyer, your shyness is endearing, your humility inspiring, and your talent exhilarating.

You make me proud.


Just the beginning.

PeterandHannahCongratulations, Hannah Kirby — you made it to the Top 8!

Working with you through the Blind Auditions and those exciting moments backstage before you went on to be the last artist chosen to complete the teams for Season 8 was thrilling. What a ride!

I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished. This is just another beginning for you. Fly!

You’ve already shown us you can.

Sound Travels

TampaMapPicDid you know I teach on two different coasts?

My home studio is located in California’s Burbank/North Hollywood area, and I teach quarterly in the Tampa area of Florida.

Feel free to inquire about my availability in either location — sound travels, and so do I.