A Winning Season

I’ll never forget when Pharrell, after a 4-chair turn at The Blind Auditions, said:
“I would love to have you on my team, but I’m so proud to be a part of this show, because even if you don’t end up on my team, I get to watch this amazing thing happen.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Pharrell.

Coaching Sawyer through Season 8’s Blind Auditions was exciting, and brought me joy. I always looked forward to our sessions, with him and his beautiful mom Kirsten.

Sawyer, your shyness is endearing, your humility inspiring, and your talent exhilarating.

You make me proud.


Just the beginning.

PeterandHannahCongratulations, Hannah Kirby — you made it to the Top 8!

Working with you through the Blind Auditions and those exciting moments backstage before you went on to be the last artist chosen to complete the teams for Season 8 was thrilling. What a ride!

I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished. This is just another beginning for you. Fly!

You’ve already shown us you can.

Sound Travels

TampaMapPicDid you know I teach on two different coasts?

My home studio is located in California’s Burbank/North Hollywood area, and I teach quarterly in the Tampa area of Florida.

Feel free to inquire about my availability in either location — sound travels, and so do I.

Sally Kellerman wows at the Catalina

Peter_SallyKellermanWhen Sally Kellerman sings, she tells a story; sometimes hers, sometimes yours, and always with soul and spirit.

I’m grateful to work with this celebrated singer, author and Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actress, who knows that staying teachable is vital to meaningful performance.

Last night, her act at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood shared Sally’s talent, humor and love. What a gift.

A Winning Year

JoshCraigwinnersI’m grateful that 2014 has been such a rewarding year for my work – with new and continuing students as well as with The Voice, for whom I coach rising talents through their crucial Blind Auditions. This year saw two winners for The Voice, and I’m fortunate to have coached both of them.

In May, Team Usher’s phenomenal Josh Kaufman won Season 6, and this December, Team Blake’s sensational Craig Wayne Boyd won Season 7.

I’m eager to hear and see more of what these two stars do with their talents – just as I love hearing and seeing each and every one of my students grow as an artist. Remember, your voice is unique and no one else’s – so guide it, protect it and share your heart with it.

Happy New Year!

The Lucid Dreamer

MattMcAndrewPetieThe Voice Season 7 runner-up Matt McAndrew calls himself a “lucid dreamer” and it’s that sort of personal philosophy — along with astounding talent — that continues to take him to new heights of accomplishment. Earlier this month, his original single “Wasted Love” debuted at #14 on Billboard’s Hot 100, making him the highest-charting The Voice recording artist to date. I’m honored to have worked with Matt through his captivating Blind Audition. He’s a true artist with a soul for learning, creating and sharing.

The Magic of Mirkovich


MirkovichPaul Mirkovich knows how to create the best arrangements for every different type of singer on The Voice. As the show’s musical director, he brings over 30 years of experience to work he loves and takes creative inspiration from sources as diverse as Chopin, Gershwin, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell. In turn, he’s an inspiration to the rest of us.

Sea of Love


PetieWeddingPetieThis summer, I enjoyed the privilege of both officiating and singing at the wedding of my friends David Mateo and Paul Nakauchi, aboard a yacht which sailed through the beautiful waters of the Marina del Rey harbor.

I was joined by lovely and talented Kay Trinidad, to usher the grooms toward their union in song.

What a gift it is, to be called upon to celebrate love.

She’s Incredible

cathyleePetieCathy Lee Crosby (That’s Incredible, The Player, The Big Tease) is a talented woman with a gift of a voice. It’s inspiring to work with someone dedicated to training in all that she does. She’s living proof that talent, professionalism and kindness are an unbeatable combination.